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Customers Reviews

Date"Choosing the right poly bags can be confusing. With so many bag sizes, bag closures and various weights such as 1 mil, 2 mil, 4 mil bags available, it's hard to know which bag to buy. At Arplast the professional staff was readily available to help me figure out which poly bags to purchase."

Date"DiRose brand makes great quality products! We have been using the DiRose specimen bags, and DiRose latex exam gloves at our medical center and their products are great! And we refer our patients to DiRose for their incontinence products such as adult diapers too."

Date"A great store to purchase very durable 2 Mil Clear Reclosable Poly Bags With Hang Hole! Arplast's poly bags are FDA and USDA approved for safe storage of food and pharmaceutical products."

Date"Navigating the Arplast website was a pleasure. The specimen transport bags with the biohazard logo was just what we needed, and with bag size and details clearly posted, my shopping was quick and easy."

Date"I have been purchasing from Arplast Poly Bags for 2 years and their service is great! I find the Open End Flat Polyethylene Plastic Bags to be top quality and well priced. These bags are available in all sizes to fit my ongoing needs. I love the idea that I can have our company's logo printed on them."